The Beginning

Just what the world needs-another blog about health and fitness.

Only…that’s not precisely what’s going on here.

If you’re looking for someone to make you run until you puke, eat like a monk, and worship your new “I gonna be a better version of me in 6 weeks”-schedule, keep surfing.

Why should you listen to me?

As you’ll soon learn, I am OBSESSED with human performance. And not just the 250-pound-linebacker-who-runs-a-4.3-40 kind of human performance (although those guys are fun to develop and watch).

I love studying and getting my hands dirty in the mess of taking someone from the point of injury, through restorative care, and all the way back to high-end performance. Whether that performance goal is on the field of play or dominating your weekend backyard renovation without feeling like you were beaten with a bat when you wake up Monday morning, I’m on board.

Besides a slightly bent mind ruminating on all things human performance, I spent most of my early adult life in school preparing to become a health professional  (I was on that 8 year doctoring plan, but I loved it so much it took me 10-big thanks to my folks!).  What did all that “studying” get me? A 40-hour a week job as a PT in an outpatient orthopedic clinic.

I got pretty good at manual therapy, differential diagnoses, corrective exercise, and the like. But my day job wasn’t scratching the itch of my strength and conditioning background. So I went out and got certified to work with golfers. The next year, I was trained to work with folks suffering from post-concussion syndrome, and was a lead developer in the launch of my clinic’s integrative medicine program. The year after that, I became the first MovNat certified trainer in my hometown. The year after that, I became the first Mobility WOD Certified Practitioner in my hometown.

Now I’ve got two hats to wear-physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach.These two seemingly mutually exclusive silos of information, physical therapy and strength and conditioning, are now unified theory made manifest:

You can call me your Physiocoach.

Only, your health insurance company doesn’t care much if you want to fix your back so you can play golf. Nor do they care if you want to regain that energy and physical ability you had as a kid to run outside all day long like your hair was on fire. They’re not paying to keep you from getting injured. And they’re definitely not footing the bill if you want some guidance in discerning what a well-designed strength and conditioning program to help maintain or improve your body actually looks like.

Your health insurance company doesn’t want me to talk to you about nutrition. Helping you sleep without drugs (or a nightcap) isn’t covered in your EOB. Nor is giving you the tools to deal with your stress. Their goal is definitely not to make you healthy enough to barely even need them. Screw health insurance, I’m going to help you do it anyway.

My goal is to keep you out of my treatment room and on your “field of play”. Wherever that is and whatever that looks like. If we wait until we break, we’ve lost. If I can help your all become more resilient, better able to avoid the glow of those medical office halogen lights, we both win. You are an even more awesome version of you, and I get more quality time with my wife and with my kids. I’m motivated. Are you?

As this site grows, I’m going to have some specific help for you on how to actually get there. You’ll move better, actually prevent acute and chronic injuries, eat to lose fat and build muscle, and feel better than you did the day before.

And if you need to see me, I’m going to offer a way to do that without jumping through a half-dozen medical hoops.

How do you end up in better shape physically, emotionally, and spiritually at age 40, 50, 60, and beyond than you were at age 20? I’m figuring that out and I’m going to share my experience and my journey with you.

What do I ask from you? Spread the message: we are in control, fully capable of owning and wielding the power to move the needle in our own lives and in the lives of others.  Jump in, experiment with me (you did worse things in college than I’m going to suggest you do here). Don’t be afraid to fail (the one who fails the most, wins, by the way). Live in the tension, get comfortable with it. Don’t get zealous. Be passionate. Take the long view. Be respectful. Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


COMMENT RULES: If you are a real person, leave your real name. We are not a clearing house for solicitors so don’t do it here. Criticism and questioning is fine, that’s how we all learn and grow. Personal attacks, name calling, and the like ARE NOT COOL-if we catch you doing it you’re gone. Other than that, have at it folks!





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