Prepare for Combat


Last week I spent two intense days learning and applying the principles of the MovNat Combatives course. My eyes were opened to the ways we are vulnerable to predators who would do our bodies or our property  harm and to the ways I can defend myself and others without any formal martial arts or fighting technique training.

In this course, I learned the principles of environmental awareness, situational readiness, self-defense against one or multiple attackers, self-defense against an attacker with a blunt object/sharp object/firearm, how to regulate the “fight-or-flight” response during a fight, how to fall when being pushed down, how to get off the ground when being attacked by one or multiple attackers, how to fight when you’re being choked, de-escalating a potential physical attack through verbal confrontation, escaping gunfire, wrestling for a knife, and how to see the world through a predator’s eyes (evaluating “hard” versus “soft” targets).

When reflecting on all that I learned over those 2 days, I came to a concerning realization:

You, my reader, are not a fighter.

And that’s a problem.

Why? Because the fight is most likely coming to you.

Don’t believe me?

Here are the stats, provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.):

  • One property crime happens every 3 seconds
  • One burglary happens every 10 seconds
  • One violent crime occurs every 20 seconds
  • One aggravated assault happens every 35 seconds
  • One robbery occurs every 60 seconds
  • One forcible rape occurs every 2 minutes
  • One of every five homes will experience a break-in or home invasion
  • 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions

Burying your head in the sand is not going to solve this problem.

Buying a taser is not going to solve this problem (I was tasered multiple times and beaten by this man for over a minute, and the only thing it did was piss me off and make me fight harder).

Pepper spray is not going to solve this problem (pepper spray is fairly easy to wipe off your face, and doesn’t even phase most would-be attackers).

A colored belt is not going to save you in a street fight.

You need a system designed to teach you a practical and applicable mindset and attitude, and the tactics and techniques necessary to defend yourself should one of these unfortunate scenarios begin to unfold in front of you.

Restore/Thrive is offering a 1-day course this fall (date TBD) for people wanting to learn the principles of MovNat Combatives to help defend themselves and teach others the same. The MovNat Combatives course is typically only offered once per-year in North America, so this is a unique opportunity. These are the techniques I’m teaching my wife to defend herself. That I will teach my children to defend themselves against a physically aggressive bully. You will come away with your eyes open and feeling empowered and capable of defending yourself after this course.

If you are interested, e-mail us at restorethrive@gmail.com and type the word “Combatives” in the subject line. We will reply to you ASAP with further course details.

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