Let’s Eat! Q1, 2017


Food. Food is what brings us to this web page today. We love to eat (as well we should). And today, we’re bringing you another round of some of our tried and true favorite recipes. Keep in mind, our approach is minimalist in nature. Even some of these recipes that look like they would take all year and a day to complete are perfect for everyone from the novice cook to the accomplished chef. Prep time is usually under 15 minutes, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to check your Facebook page, Twitter feed, yell at your kids, maybe even fix yourself a drink.

Without further delay, here are some of our latest and greatest favorites.

1. Dry-Brined Steaks: By far the easiest and tastiest way to make steaks at home. Turns Choice steak into Prime and Prime into Heaven on a Plate. We recommend you use Grapeseed oil (higher smoke point), instead of the butter recommended in this recipe to sear the steaks before you put them in the oven. And if you haven’t read The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferris (the book this recipe came from) you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy. This book gets opened in our house on a weekly basis-two years after buying it.

2. Bacon: If you don’t like bacon, you’re wrong. In this recipe, we use the food of the gods to adorn asparagus. Again, super simple prep and execution. Click, apply, enjoy.

3. Sausage, Kale, and Spaghetti Squash Boats: Ahh, feel the trendy whole-food goodness shining through in this recipe. An easy weeknight recipe requiring about 20 minutes of hands on time. Big and small eaters alike will enjoy this one.

4. Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Topping: We made this for our extended family when we hosted Thanksgiving, then again the day after Thanksgiving for another family meal, and then again 4 weeks later for a family Christmas dinner. You could say we’re fans of this one. Requires a little more hands on work but it is sooo worth it. Anytime eating your vegetables feels more like eating dessert, you’ve got a keeper recipe.

5. Paleo Cinnamon Rolls: We roll gluten, dairy, and soy free in our casa because of our incredibly crappy genetics (not to mention I’d like to avoid growing man boobs from eating all that hormone-wrecking soy junk). Thank goodness for internet foodies with similar problems (and concerns). This one is a weekender-don’t try to make this if you’re in a hurry. The right amount of sweet and savory awaits you.

6. Healthy Shamrock Shake: Everyone loses their mind when Mickey D’s releases the Shamrock Shake. Even if I wasn’t lactose intolerant, there’s something scary about knowing that green shake has 56 ingredients in it. I would wager that lot of you don’t even have 56 different grocery items in your home. Lucky for you, this version of the Shamrock Shake can be make with 5 ingredients and some ice.

We hope you all enjoy these recipes as much as we have. And if you’re looking for another blog with a bunch of favorite recipes aggregated for your clicking pleasure, check out our post we put up last fall here.

And feel free to post links below to any of your favorite recipes. We’ll give ’em a shot and if they make the cut, we’ll give you props when the next “Let’s Eat!” post rolls out.

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