Fixing Low Back Pain: Strength Edition

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On to the latest edition in our “Fixing Low Back Pain” series. Last time we introduced you to our approach to restoring normal mobility around the low back when pain arises. Though mobility is a critical component of maintaining good spine hygiene, just as essential is a regular strength training program to keep your trunk (we prefer to use the term “core” when we’re finished with apples). Mobility without strength with keep you in an endless loop of doing the same mobilizations day after day to achieve temporary relief without lasting results. Strength will navigate you away from pain and into a more resilient state of being over time.

In this video post, we’re going over what we consider as three foundational exercises for better trunk strength: the modified crunch, side plank, and hands and knees dead bug. We program these for time: 2 minutes for the modified crunch, 1 minute per-side with the plank, and 2 minutes for the dead bug. You will be fatigued when you’re done, and that’s what were after: strength-endurance of the trunk musculature.


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