The New Golf Season

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It’s getting cold in these parts as of late. There are a few diehard golfers I know who will brave the cold to continue to pursue their hobby. But many will take the late fall and winter seasons to take a break from their golf games.

This forced respite from the game is the perfect opportunity to do some work on the most important part of your golf game: your body.

If your last season of golf included modifying your swing to avoid aggravating pain in your low back, knee, hip, or shoulder, or your pregame routine included a couple of anti-inflammatory meds followed by a post-round dose of more anti-inflammatories plus a cocktail or two and an ice pack, you’ve got some work to do.

Why? Because pain is not the normal resting state of the human body. Because your body is the most important part of your golf game. Because golf is a sport that is meant to be played across your entire lifespan, but at the rate you’re going you’ll be out of the game in a few short years.

The off-season for golf is probably the most under-rated and under-utilized part of the year for golfers to improve their game. Here at Restore/Thrive we do more than just physical therapy to get you out of pain: we’re all about performance. Just because you don’t hurt doesn’t mean you can go play. Our Movement and Mobility consultations include the use of Titleist Performance Institute’s 12-Point physical screen for golfers.

This is a bit more detailed than the doctor hitting you in the knee with a reflex hammer and ask you to say “ahhh” while they look in your mouth. The TPI Screen is a 12-point systems check of your body from head to toe. The screen teases out all of the physical performance markers you need to play your best golf, round after round, pain-free. If we find something in the screen you struggle with, or if a particular test brings back your pain, we have the ability to isolate and fix that problem with a customized training plan immediately. Even if you don’t have pain, the screen can identify the physical limitations or movement compensations that cause common swing faults like topping the ball, hitting the ball fat, and the dreaded slice.

Don’t spend another winter hoping your body heals enough to let you make it through another season of golf in 2018. You can get better, at any age. Your body is an amazing, adaptable, living organism capable of achieving higher levels of performance, regardless of what level you’re currently playing at. You can hit the ball farther, play more consistent golf, and feel your best day after day with our customized Movement and Mobility Assessment and training programs

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, click on the “Schedule Now” link at the top of our page and set-up a free 30-minute consult. Or schedule a Movement and Mobility Consultation and get started on the road to a better game and better health.


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