The Best of The Blog, 2017-Edition

gold-trophyIn 2017, we dropped 67 blog posts containing just under 25, 000 words and 44 videos. We moved from the basement to the garage, and saw our gym expand from 1 barbell and 255 pounds of plated weights to 4 barbells, 555 lbs. of plated weights, 600 lbs of dumbbells, 350 lbs of kettlebells, a squat rack, a bench, an Airdyne Bike, a Concept 2 Rower, and a pretty penny on some legit physical therapy gear.

You could say we’ve been busy. Yet at our core, we’re all about spreading the knowledge we’ve accumulated on how to help people solve their physical pain problems so that they, in turn, can feel and perform their best. Towards that end, our blog, both the written and video content, is still our pride and joy. We love sharing what we’ve learned with all of you.

So as 2017 winds down, here are the top-5 blog posts that garnered the most attention and helped a ton of people along with the family and friends they love. Enjoy!

The 2017 List

From A Mom, For A Mom

Dr. Jessica Cummings gave our readers a look into her journey through multiple childbirths and a myriad of thyroid problems to come out healthier than ever on the other side. If you’re a mom, are married to one, or know one that hasn’t read this story, it’s well worth the share.

Podcast Recommendations

With the near universal daily interaction we’ve developed with our smart phones, it only makes sense that we leverage that technology to work for us. Podcasts, while far from a new phenomenon, have a wealth of real-time information to share with their listeners. The ones we recommend here help keep us up to date on the latest research and application of research in the fields of physical therapy and strength and conditioning.

Research Update

Upon first reading, you might take this as a fictional account. What it actually is, though, is the first comprehensive review and long-term study of an effective intervention for Alzheimer’s Disease. Read that last sentence again. If you don’t think Alzheimer’s will affect you or someone you love, consider that every 66 seconds someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. This is another post we hope you share with the people you love. It doesn’t make our business any money but it does accomplish our mission of contributing to the lives of the people in our community (on the ground and online) for their good.

Of Super-Power Naps and Coffee

This was a fun one to experiment with and was easily the most simple thing for our readers to implement. Who doesn’t enjoy and good nap and a cup of coffee? Combining the two was a revelation.

Treating Concussions

We’ve come a long way in diagnosing concussions in our athletes but the options for treatment are a bit, ahem, antiquated, to say the least. This post sums up the most up to date knowledge on the physiology of traumatic brain injury and best practices for return to baseline and athletic competition. If you think sitting in a dark room until your symptoms go away is the best way to heal a head injury, call us now-you need help.

Goodbye 2017!

Thanks to all of you that read one of our posts or watched one of our videos this past year! It’s our sincere hope that we’re contributing the greater good in the world.

Have a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and stay tuned for more great content in 2018!

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