Lab Testing and a New Course Offering

Morning, folks! A new month is upon us and a new topic of interest has come into focus: men’s and women’s health. Specifically, when you go to your doctor for you yearly physical and have a blood draw, how do we know what is normal? And if we’re not normal, how do we fix that problem? As we always tell our patients, our bodies are a system of systems. Pulling on one lever, say trying to reduce high cholesterol, can yank another of other markers for health (testosterone levels, thyroid function) out of balance.

One other item of interest for you all. Later this month, on April 29th, I will be teaching Restore/Thrive’s first course offering for the general public: Understanding Athletic Low Back and Neck Pain. This isn’t your run of the mill marketing gimmick to get you in our door. On the contrary, this course is designed to empower you, the individual, with a set of tools to help solve the common low back and neck disorders we see in our clinic. Our mission from the beginning has been education and we’re excited to offer this course for any and all who have interest. Click this link to get signed up.

Click below to get the run down on what marker’s of health men should be testing.

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