Client Say

Tim and Jessica Cummings are not only highly skilled and detail-oriented physical therapists but they care about their people. They spend individual time with each person to fully assess what is going on at the root. By taking a full person approach and looking beyond basic symptoms, they are able to help someone address what is causing pain or what could eventually cause pain if not addressed. They are pioneering preventative medicine from a PT perspective. I have personally seen and felt the benefits of working with them and would recommend them to anybody who wants to take action to achieving optimal wellness.

Robyn Johnson, MS, RDN, LD, www.nutritionbyrobyn.com,


After taking a sabbatical from running due to a decade of soccer injuries, Tim helped fine tune my bio-mechanics through consistent, simple, and impactful exercises to get me back into proper running form without pain or leg weakness. He also had a way of getting to the root cause of some of the issues in addition to taking a look at the whole system instead of just focusing on one body part. That skill is unique to Tim and difficult to find in the conventional PT world. Proper musculoskeletal functioning is not just for recovery, but a lifestyle for better health.

Dr. Anna Esparham, MD, Board-Certified Pediatrician,


I have had to opportunity to know and work with Jess and Tim for close to a decade.  In a word, they are ‘phenomenal’. They will push you WAY past the typical PT practice. You name it: Pain Management, Strength and Conditioning, Concussion Rehab, Athletic Performance, Sports Medicine; they’ve got you covered. Jess and Tim address you as a whole person and are exceptional PTs who will help you achieve your personal goals!

Biagio Mazza, Owner & Physical Therapist, Elite Physical Therapy,


Tim and Jessica have treated me for various injuries over the last seven years and their combined knowledge, intense client focus, and genuine desire to educate will create a powerhouse of awesome! They have been instrumental in teaching our kids not only the “what”, but also the “how” and “why” of movement. If ever you need a PT, or just want to know how you could make your workouts more effective and efficient, look no further!

Stefanie W., Patient,


This is my first experience with physical therapy and I honestly had no idea what to expect and was very intimidated! After explaining my symptoms, Jess went into detail about my injury and how best to treat it. She has been specific about WHY each treatment is beneficial and has explained how I should expect to feel (and not feel!) after each “exercise.” Her followup has been phenomenal, remembering even the smallest details of my injury and symptoms. Personable, passionate about their career, and genuinely interested in YOU as a person. So wonderful.

Ashley W., Patient,