Are You Ready To Run? Part VI

Question: How do you know your hips are normal and healthy? Today, we’ve got a test for you to find out. Continue reading “Are You Ready To Run? Part VI”

Are You Ready to Run? Part V

Today we’re tackling one of the running community’s most feared movements and exercises: The Squat. Continue reading “Are You Ready to Run? Part V”

Are You Ready To Run? Part III

Turkey and pie coma in the rear-view mirror now, it’s time to get back to work and get you Ready to Run. If you missed Part I and Part II of the series, you can click on the links to catch up.

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Are You Ready to Run? Part II

Today starts our 12-point systems check of your physical and lifestyle practices as we ensure you, dear reader, are actually Ready to Run.

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Are You Ready to Run? Part I

I am a 21st-Century runner. I don’t run every day. Or even every other day. Continue reading “Are You Ready to Run? Part I”

The 40-Day Kundalini Yoga Challenge

For those of you who know me personally, I think it’s pretty obvious that I am not a “woo-woo”-type person. I don’t hang dream catchers over my bed. I own not one pair of Birkenstock’s. The only crystal I own is in our kitchen cabinets.

So why in the world am I writing about Yoga? Continue reading “The 40-Day Kundalini Yoga Challenge”

Random Physical Therapy Advice


My youngest son (and child), Connor Patrick, turned 3 months old this past week. To celebrate the occasion, Connor (a.k.a “Baby Thor”) started taking 2+ hour daytime naps while simultaneously regressing in his nighttime sleep habits to waking 3-4 times a night to remind Mom and Dad who really runs the roost. Thanks, son. I cannot wait until you’re sixteen and want to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Your chore list is already waiting for you. But I digress. Continue reading “Random Physical Therapy Advice”

A Smashing Labor Day Post

Morning, folks! We’re geared up and ready for a long weekend of R&R, hope you all are as well.

Our latest YouTube post opens the conversation on our approach to treating low pain. There’s no one secret to resolving your back pain, instead, it’s a mix of the right movements, mobilizations, and lifestyle factors.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Training Mask Review

Hey, Folks! Life in the Cummings’ Family Fitness Center is still a little upsides down, as Baby Thor (a.k.a. Connor Patrick) sorts out his day and night sleep. Little man needs to learn to read his Daddy Bear’s blog post on sleep ASAP. Continue reading “Training Mask Review”