YouTube Update 5/23/17

Helping the whole world run faster and hurt less.

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Morning, Folks! The beat goes on and we’ve got a great foot and ankle exercise up on our YouTube Channel for those of you looking to improve your running, be it for distance, or a field/court sport. This will be especially useful for you if you’ve been told you have flat feet or need an orthotic insert in your shoes to run, train, play without pain. Remember, your arches are not weight bearing surfaces. If they’re flat, they’re weak. And just like flabby arms, it is within your reach to shape them up.¬† Get after it and have a great day!

YouTube Update

For our golfers.

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Morning, Folks! We’ve got a new video up on the Restore/Thrive YouTube Channel. Today we’re getting after golfing fundamentals. Do you have the requisite mobility and stability to swing the club well, play your most consistent golf, and come out unharmed on the other side? Our quick screen and exercise recommendations will get you headed the right way.

YouTube Help for Runner’s Knee

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Hey Folks! Voice (just about) fully restored, we’re back on the Restore/Thrive YouTube Channel with some tips for fixing that hot, steaming, dreadful Runner’s Knee Pain. As usual, I vetted this one on myself first as I was getting ready for my last Spartan Race. It is tried and true. Check it out here and have a great day!

YouTube Goodness

Written YouTube LogoMorning folks! For those of you fighting chronically tight shoulders, upper backs, and hips, we posted a video on our YouTube channel of one of the best exercises we’ve found lately to fix all of that postural mess. Enjoy!

YouTube Channel Update

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Hey Folks! We just dropped another video on the Restore/Thrive YouTube Channel. If you read our post last weekend regarding hip flexion and how to solve the tight hip flexor conundrum, this is the antidote. Enjoy!

Are You Ready To Run? Part VI

Question: How do you know your hips are normal and healthy? Today, we’ve got a test for you to find out. Continue reading “Are You Ready To Run? Part VI”

Mobility Prescription for R2R Standard #4

Hey Folks! ¬†Hope everyone’s keeping warm. If you haven’t tried our squat assessment we posted here last weekend, check it out. If you find yourself lacking in the ability to squat well once or multiple times over the course of 4 minutes, we’ve got some help on our YouTube channel today. Click here for your squat mobility prescription.

Are You Ready to Run? Part V

Today we’re tackling one of the running community’s most feared movements and exercises: The Squat. Continue reading “Are You Ready to Run? Part V”

Spartan Super 2016 (a.k.a. “Sufferfest 2.0)

580cb1ff592a678c70f9a97f-oA little more than 18 months ago, while spending some time researching some ideas to expand the uses for my MovNat skills, I stumbled upon a quaint obstacle racing company based out of the New England-area that goes by the name Spartan Race. Continue reading “Spartan Super 2016 (a.k.a. “Sufferfest 2.0)”